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With over 40 million traffic tickets issued every year.

Citations are an every day occurrence in the United States. These tickets never seem to come at convenient times. Often, they come at the worst possible time financially. Furthermore, given the immediacy of the expense with no ability to work out payment plans, traffic tickets are huge burdens on families, hampering the household's cash flow.

What We Do.

Our mission is to provide financial assistance to our members in the event they receive a fine for a traffic ticket, while enhancing driver safety, awareness, and education. Furthermore, we are committed to helping our members save more money by reducing the overall cost of driving, keeping more of YOUR money in YOUR pocket!

See the value

America's first members only club that has only one goal is here to save our members money in any driving related circumstance we can. Click here to view available membership packages and become a part of a rapidly growing family of motorists across the country!

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The Facts


Speeding Tickets
per day

$6.232 Bavg

amount of speeding
tickets paid
per year

$300 Kavg

annual speeding
ticket revenue
per US Police Officer


speeding tickets
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